Unwanted hair growth


remove unwanted hair from the face and body

Whether it is excess hair on the face or dark hairs on the legs, unwanted hair is beauty enemy number one for most women and a growing number of men. Unwanted hair is not only time consuming to get rid of, but also an ongoing process which is why more of us are choosing to remove it for good.

what causes unwanted hair?

Our genes are largely responsible for the colour and the density of hair growth on the face and body.

However, some women are affected by a condition called hirsutism which causes coarse dark hairs to appear on the chin, upper lip and cheeks. The exact cause of hirsutism is unknown although an excess of male hormones indicated in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and genetic factors may play a part.

Light Touch Clinic Cosmetic Medicine Surrey Harley Street London MediSpa laser hair removal


For unwanted hair growth, we recommend a course of Laser Hair Removal which reduces excess hair for good by targeting hair follicles. More comfortable than IPL hair removal and with excellent long terms results, our medical aestheticians can use this treatment to reduce unwanted hair all over the face and body.

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