Cellulite is a very common condition which affects most women and some men. Though commonly assumed to be excess fat, cellulite is actually more complicated and dimpling of the skin has a range of causes including damage to collagen fibres, metabolic waste accumulation and loss of elasticity. This loss of elasticity that occurs with age can also contribute to sagging or loose skin on the body.


Thankfully, at Light Touch clinic we use the fantastic Unison machine which can both help reduce appearance of cellulite, as well as tighten the skin.  We even provide the amazing Peach Bum Lift which treats the thighs and buttocks to give your derriere the uplift it may need. 


Unison combines radiofrequency with shock wave technology giving it the edge over any other non surgical body tightening treatments.  We recommend 6 treatments, carried out weekly for the best results. 


1- How long is each treatment?

Treatments take from 30 minutes dependent on how many areas you would like treated

2- How Much?

Course prices start from £1800

3- How long Until Results Can Be Seen?

Results can take up to 3 months

4- What’s the Downtime?

The best part… There isn’t any!