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29th June 2021


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Continuing with our support for acne awareness month, this June, Light Touch Clinic wants you to know that you don’t have to tackle this concern alone.

We understand that for some people who are affected by acne, a good skin care routine will often need some support. Our team of specialists know just what is required to ensure your appearance can be restored to its clear, spot-free complexion. Not only can we take a look at your concern and advise on the right products to use for your skin, we can also recommend some great treatments to help reinvigorate your look.

One treatment that Light Touch is extremely proud of is INTRAcel – a rejuvenating procedure that traumatises the skin. INTRAcel works on both the surface of the skin and the deeper layers, so that the skin comes back thicker and stronger.
Two innovative techniques are used during this procedure to rejuvenate the complexion from the inside out. Microneedling works to traumatise the skin so that your body goes into healing mode and makes thicker, stronger skin; whilst radiofrequency heats the inner dermis, causing it to tighten. On the inside, INTRAcel can increase the level of collagen deeper within to improve the skin’s quality, as well as creating a firmer, fuller and more voluminous appearance. On the outside, a controlled level of trauma regenerates new cells to replenish and renew the surface layer. The heat and needles that INTRAcel delivers to the skin can also balance the production of sebum (oil) – a key factor in the development of acne.

Here at Light Touch we create bespoke treatment plans to optimise your skin health. Whether it is just one treatment that you require, or a course of 3 or more, we know that INTRAcel could be just what you seek. Your complexion will become smoother, firmer and (most importantly) clearer, as the improved health of the skin means fewer spots and pimples. For those who are also finding that their acne is leaving behind discolouration or indentations, INTRAcel can lessen the look of any developing scars.

So, if you’re looking for an effective solution that can help to banish the blemishes, as well as boosting your confidence, contact Light Touch Clinic and ask about INTRAcel – the saviour of spotty skin!

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