19th September 2021

Fall in love with your Skin

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As the medical director of Light Touch Clinic, I understand how important it is that your skin is always looking its best. Your complexion can be a great accessory: it goes with anything, it completes your look perfectly and it can bring out the best in your features.

At Light Touch this autumn, my patients are taking a liking to treatments that help to erase the effects of the summer and give way to an appearance that glows.

I know how you all love the sunshine and the way it feels on your skin. But deeper on the inside of the dermis, UV rays can be working to make your appearance dull and tired.

My passion is to help people transform their look, so they feel happier and more confident. And when it comes to the skin, I relish in taking a lacklustre appearance and turning it into something that is incredible and radiant.

As well as having the know-how to advise on the best way to care for your skin, with my clinic I also have the tools to enhance its quality. The range of skin treatments that Light Touch has available are devoted to improving the conditions that give you personal concern, and create a look that you’ll adore. Whether it’s wrinkles, dry skin, dull skin, pigmentation, rosacea, acne or acne scarring, I have the right solution for you. Me and my team can apply

our care and expertise to help you reverse the signs of ageing or reduce the effects of your lifestyle, the sun and the environment.

You can choose from:

● ULTRAcel – great for lifting the jawline

● Dermal fillers – to rediscover the skin’s volume and bounce

● Dermalux LED – incredible results for a healthy complexion

● IPL – amazing at evening skin tone

● Hydrafacial – for next level cleansing and exfoliation

● Profhilo – cleverly reviving your youthful glow

● Tixel – provides overall facial rejuvenation

● Facials – bringing your complexion back to life

So, if the summer has left you feeling a little less than fond of your complexion, contact Light Touch and book a consultation. My skin specialists are sure to recommend the right procedure to ensure you fall in love with your skin.

Dr. Natalie x

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