25th September 2021

Fall in love with your eyes

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At Light Touch, we have a vision for this September. This vision is to take a top-to-toe look at your appearance, and find solutions for making noticeable improvements. Our focus this week is to realise your eyes, what a wonderful feature they are and how they can be transformed into one of your face’s greatest assets.

So, what’s to love about your eyes?

The way they sparkle? The way they joyfully light up? The way they accessorise your face?

Many patients come to me and my team looking to eradicate a number of concerns that affect the appearance of the eyes. In many cases people are concerned that the signs of ageing are starting to show, all of which display themselves differently from one person to another. It may be that under eye bags are creating a tired look. It may be that dark circles are casting a shadow over what could be a bright and youthful appearance. Or, it may be that crow’s feet and other wrinkles are becoming more prominent.

When it comes to your eyes, Light Touch can propose undergoing one of our many amazing treatments that help to boost the condition of the skin in this delicate area.

INTRAcel Eye is great for creating smooth skin and is specifically dedicated to this area of the face. Radiofrequency technology is the key to its success, delivering heat energy to the skin through the use of electrodes. As this energy type safely and effectively increases collagen production, the complexion becomes tighter and the internal structure gets

strengthened. Designed to enliven the appearance of the eyes, INTRAcel Eye fades lines and wrinkles and lightens the load when bags are developing beneath the lower lid.

Other treatments include:

Tixel – the ablative and non-ablative modes help to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags and droopy lids.

Profhilo – the increase in both collagen and hyaluronic acid helps to improve the hydration of the skin, which rejuvenates its overall quality.

Aliaxin facial fillers – the SR formula works well around the eyes, filling in hollows in the tear trough area. This treatment restores a youthful look to the eyes, as well as the overall look of the upper face.

Whichever treatment is right for you, fall in love with your eyes this Autumn and get in touch with Light Touch.

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