Is Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal right for me?


how does it work?

Soprano Ice uses Alexandrite and Diode laser technologies to produce a concentrated beam of light that has a specific target: the melanin in the hair follicle. The melanin absorbs the light, heating up the follicle and destroying it. It is important that all hairs are caught in their growth phase so a minimum of 6 treatments are necessary to achieve a significant reduction in hair growth.

Soprano Ice uses ‘in-motion’ technology to treat large areas of skin quickly, whilst the ‘Ice’ technology cools the skin’s surface – preventing superficial burns, allowing for virtually painless, yet highly effective hair removal.

All areas of the body can be treated with Soprano Ice, from the under arms or bikini line, to ears and nostrils!


Who will see?

All of our laser hair removal treatments are carried out by one of our highly trained aestheticians. When it comes to laser hair removal they having worked with Soprano Ice and other laser hair removal systems for a number of years. Contact the clinic today to find out how we can help you remove unwanted hair for good!



What’s the difference between Soprano laser hair removal and IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments?

There is much confusion surrounding the difference between these two technologies. Soprano Ice is more expensive than IPL but there are several reasons why.

Both treatments produce light energy which is then absorbed into the pigment of the hair causing damage to the hair follicle. The difference is Soprano Ice produces a pure beam of light that only targets the melanin in the hair follicle whereas IPL systems produce a diffused beam which targets melanin in general: so not just in the hair follicle but also in the skin. This can cause burns if the skin is dark or tanned.

IPL is very good at reducing superficial pigmentation, visible blood vessels and rosacea (IPL Fotofacial) but at the Light Touch Clinic we do not use it for the removal of unwanted hair.


Why choose Soprano?

  • Most Soprano patients report long-term reduction in hair after 3-6 sessions.

  • Soprano is precise and can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

  • Unique ‘in-motion’ technology means Soprano can be used to treat larger body areas quickly and with minimum discomfort. Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and treats several hairs at a time.

  • Laser settings can be adjusted to suit your specific skin tone and hair colour where as IPL systems can only treat pale skin with dark hairs. If IPL systems are used on dark or tanned skin they can cause burns.


Does it hurt?

Some people report a prickling sensation when coarse dark hairs are treated on the pubic area or back but most describe it as feeling like a hot stone massage. The Soprano Ice uses cooling technology to reduce the heat on the skin, making this a comfortable treatment for most.


What will my skin look like afterwards?

There is usually no downtime associated with this treatment.


How long before I see results?

Two weeks post treatment most patients start to notice a reduction in hairs. For the best results, we recommended a minimum of 6 treatments.


What are the risks and complications?

All non-invasive procedures carry a small amount of risk, so you must come in for a consultation with one of our Aestheticians who operate the laser, so they can discuss the cautions and contraindications with you. A patch test will also be carried out, which must be done at least 24 hours prior to your first treatment.


Going on holiday soon?

The settings of Soprano Ice can be adjusted to according to your skin tone, so hair removal treatments can be taken all year round. However, we do recommend leaving a minimum of 48 hours before or after sun exposure.


Is Soprano my only option?

Soprano Ice is the gold-standard laser hair removal system. Therefore, it is the only treatment we offer for hair reduction.


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