Tixel is an ideal anti-aging treatment that can be used to improve fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lightening pigmentation.  a non laser fractional treatment technology, delivering thermal energy to the skin through a grid of tiny pyramid-shaped pins covering a treatment area of 1cm squared.  This grid is pressed across the skin to stimulate collagen, tighten the skin and allow for optimised penetration of appropriate products.  The grid is heated to a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, but as scary as it sounds, it really isn’t!  We carry out each Tixel treatment having applied numbing cream beforehand, making your treatment as comfortable as possible, and virtually pain free!


The treatment provides results comparable to those of a CO2 laser without the downtime.  The fantastic thing is that Tixel can be used to treat not only the face, but the neck and hands too, for all skin types.


1- How Many Treatments are required?

We recommend a course of 3 for best results

2- How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

Treatments take 30 minutes

3-  What’s the Downtime?

Downtime is a maximum of 2 days with mild erythema

4- How Much?

From £350 per session, or £1500 for a course of 3