Understanding Testosterone Deficiency at Light Touch Clinic

What is Testosterone Deficiency, or ‘TD’?

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics, including muscle maintenance, bone growth and sexual functions, and many more. We wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of testosterone deficiency before. Honestly, TD is rarely spoken of or acknowledged, with many myths and a lot of misinformation surrounding this condition. But considering that TD affects approximately 30% of all men in their 40s, this is clearly something that needs to be openly discussed more in order to educate each other and break down the stigma surrounding the condition.

You may have heard testosterone deficiency referred to as the “Male Menopause” or “Andropause” but, realistically, such terms aren’t suitable as they suggest similarities to female menopause, and these two conditions differ greatly. Female menopause occurs in middle-aged women as a result of a sudden drop in oestrogen, whereas testosterone deficiency is the result of a gradual decline in testosterone production. For males, this process can begin as early as your 20s, but by the time you reach your 30s it is likely that your testosterone levels will be falling at a rate of 2% a year.

What causes Testosterone Deficiency?

Ageing isn’t the only contributing factor to your risk of suffering from TD. Testosterone levels can drop as a result of a number of health and lifestyle factors, including, but not limited to those listed below:

– Medication
– Chronic illness
– Stress
– Alcoholism
– Obesity
– Injury
– Chemotherapy

More often than not, the symptoms associated with TD are overlooked as they can be rather generalised. These include mood swings, fatigue, weight fluctuation, erectile dysfunction and difficulty conceiving, plus many more. If you would like to know the full breakdown of symptoms and contributing lifestyle factors, you may want to take our short online quiz.

If you feel as though you may be suffering from testosterone deficiency, we recommend booking a consultation here at Light Touch Clinic with our Men’s Wellness Consultant, Carlos Santos. We can test your hormone levels and determine an effective treatment plan, if necessary.

If you think this may be beneficial to your wellbeing, and are experiencing any of the symptoms we have touched on in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

    Everyone is unique. This means that sensitivity periods, discomfort, treatment plans, treatment results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. For more accurate information, you should make a consultation with one of our experts.

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  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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