Testosterone Deficiency Symptoms

Often overlooked, there are a number of symptoms which may be associated with a testosterone deficiency. If you have answered ‘yes’ to many of the questions below, you may want to consider getting your testosterone levels checked.

In the last three to seven years:

  1. Has a physician diagnosed you with Testosterone Deficiency or Low Testosterone?
  2. Has your sex drive dropped?
  3. Have your erections decreased in frequency & quality?
  4. Have you lost noticeable amounts of strength or muscle mass?
  5. Have you gained more than ten pounds?
  6. Have you had difficulty maintaining a stable weight?
  7. Has your energy dropped?
  8. Have you found it necessary to shave less often?
  9. Do you feel less engaged, committed, & excited by your career, family, or hobbies?
  10. If you are trying to conceive, have you & your partner had a difficult time becoming pregnant, or have you been diagnosed with a low sperm count?
  11. Do you feel less sharp & focused?
  12. Has your mood gotten worse?
  13. Have you contracted diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol?

Lifestyle factors can influence testosterone levels too. If you answer ‘yes’ to many of the questions below, you may want consider making some lifestyle changes to avoid unbalancing your hormone levels.

  1. Do you routinely sleep less than seven hours a night?
  2. Do you often feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed?
  3. Do you avoid exercise?
  4. Do you consume soy products (tofu, soymilk, protein powders containing soy) more than once a week?
  5. Do you drink out of plastic bottles containing BPA?
  6. Do you consume foods containing environmental toxins such as inorganic meats?
  7. Do you use self-care products that contain environmental toxins? (Look for unpronounceable chemical names, particularly in shampoo.)
  8. Do you avoid social situations, particularly those involving meeting new people?
  9. Do you eat a low-carb or low-fat diet?

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  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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