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Facial Sagging

What is facial sagging?

As we age our skin loses elasticity and starts to sag and we may experience a loss of definition between the jawline and the neck described as jowls.


What causes facial sagging?

Our skin is attached to underlying muscle and it is this muscle in conjunction with our skin’s natural elasticity that determines the tautness of our face.

As we age muscles and fat diminish, collagen and elastin production slows and skin loses elasticity which can contribute to sagging.

Other factors that can cause facial sagging include UV damage which speeds up the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres causing the skin to sag and of course our genes. In addition frequently looking down when using a smartphone, laptop or tablet, shortens the neck muscles accelerating the formation of jowls.


What causes “turkey neck”?

Turkey neck is the term used to describe the visible neck bands (platysma bands) that appear as we age. They are caused when the platysma muscle that spreads from the chest up the neck to the jaw, separates into rope-like bands, creating a pocket of loose skin under the chin.


What are the treatments?

At the Light Touch Clinic we offer several treatments that dramatically reduce the appearance of sagging skin and create a taut and youthful jawline. These are:


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