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Ageing Hands

If our eyes are the windows of our soul then our hands are the best indicator of our true age! As we age, the skin on our hands gets noticeably thinner and drier. In addition, years of accumulated sun damage begin to show in the form of sun spots and pigmentation.

What causes ageing hands?

With every passing year we lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid from our skin which help keep it plump and moist. In addition, our hands are regularly exposed to UV rays, chemicals and extremes of temperature. These break down the skins protective barrier leading to wrinkled, pigmented skin that may look significantly older than the skin on our face.

What are the treatments?

At the Light Touch Clinic we have a selection of treatments including injectables to plump and hydrate your hands, IPL to banish pigmentation and other treatments to help boost collagen and elastin. In addition, we have a curated selection of world-class skincare so you can nourish and protect your hands at home.


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