Ageing Décolletage & Neck

The décolletage is an area that’s often overlooked when it comes to skincare and along with the neck is one of the first places to reveal our true age. Signs of ageing on this delicate skin include pigmentation such as sun spots and wrinkles. While many of us are vigilant about putting SPF on our faces, many of us overlook the neck and décolletage despite the fact that these areas are exposed to UVA rays on a daily basis.

However, we have a selection of non-surgical treatments at the Light Touch Clinic which are designed to rejuvenate this area. These range from wrinkle-relaxing injection to relax neck bands through to Tixel and INTRAcel to resurface the skin. In addition, our experts can recommend some cosmeceutical skincare for you protect and nourish your skin at home.

Tixel uses pure heat energy to treat acne and improve the appearance of the scars it leaves behind.
By combing radiofrequency with ultrasound, ULTRAcel can be used to tighten sagging skin on the jawline and neck for a more chiselled profile.
IPL uses intense pulsed light to remove unwanted pigmentation and sun spots from the skin for a more youthful and even appearance.
This poplar treatment can be used to treat bands on the neck for a more youthful profile.
Profhilo is an injectable bio-remodelling treatment which tightens crepey skin whilst restoring lost volume. We can use it on the face, neck and the hands.
Award-winning INTRAcel combines fractional micro-needling and radio frequency heat energy to stimulate new tissue growth and collagen/elastin production.
The first step to great skin is great skin care, we can recommend and prescribe powerful formulas that build and maintain strong skin from the inside out.

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The light touch clinic has turned my skin around – their products and treatments are excellent and the advice and service very professional, discreet and helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


INTRAcel is an award-winning treatment and Dr Natalie’s favourite treatment! INTRAcel marries radiofrequency heat energy with microneedling to not only combat current lesions but to prevent further breakouts and clear up the scarring that acne leaves behind.
  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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