13th June 2022

What Is The Best Treatment For Acne Scars?

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At Light Touch Clinic, we’re often asked what the best treatment for acne scars is, and the truth is that it simply depends on your skin and the type of scarring you have. This can be a real concern for many, especially those who suffer from more severe types of acne – fortunately, our team is here to help!

Before you can discover which treatment(s) might work best for you, it’s important that you understand more about the type of scarring you have. You don’t have to wait until you come in for a consultation with one of our experts, we can share this information before we inform you about the options we carry.

Why Does Scarring Form After A Spot Has Healed?

There are a multitude of reasons why scarring forms after a spot has healed. This can be incredibly disheartening to see, as many sufferers of acne will know. Whether you suffer from occasional blackheads or painful cysts, scarring is a concern for many and we want to ensure that you receive the best treatment.

Many find that scarring can be heightened if they suffer from inflammatory acne. This is characterised by deep and long-lasting cysts that can lead to infection in many cases. Also known as cystic acne, this type in particular lends itself to scarring. Others find that their family history holds the answers to how their skin behaves. If one, or both of your parents dealt, or still deal with acne and the resultant scarring, this increases your chance of suffering with the same issues.

Another factor that you will be aware of is whether or not you squeeze your spots. In short, we advise you not to. This is because this action pushes the infection deeper into your skin, making the spot itself and the area surrounding it much more inflamed. It might make you feel better temporarily, but it isn’t worth risking the formation of a scar.

At Light Touch Clinic, our team is dedicated to finding the best treatment for acne scars that will restore your confidence and treat your specific type of scarring.

Explaining The Different Types Of Scarring

When a spot is in the process of healing, a scar can form if the body either produces too much, or too little tissue – this is what influences the type of scar that forms.

When the body creates too much tissue, it results in a hypertrophic scar. Such marks are often raised and can be bigger than the initial injury to the skin, and are most common following a cyst. A keloid scar is a more severe type of hypertrophic scar and it’s often associated with surgery. These are more common in people under the age of thirty who have darker skin on the Fitzpatrick scale

On the opposite end of the spectrum sit atrophic scars – the most common type of acne scar. These leave indents in the skin and are often associated with chickenpox. There are three categories of atrophic scar: rolling scars, ice pick scars and boxcar scars. Our team will identify the best treatment for acne scars based on your needs.

The Best Treatment For Acne Scars At Light Touch Clinic

We offer a varied range of procedures that will ensure your goals are met. Following an initial consultation, our team will talk you through your options so you’re fully aware of what to expect throughout your time with us. We have no doubt that you will leave our clinic and tell others that you’ve received the best treatment for acne scars!

One of our favourite options is INTRAcel as it helps to target acne-causing sebum, as well as scarring. By triggering the production of healthy, new collagen and elastin fibres, INTRAcel reinvigorates the skin and delivers effective results with very little downtime.

We also recommend Tixel, an incredibly versatile innovation that delivers controlled heat energy to the outermost layers of the dermis. This stimulates the production of essential proteins, effectively resurfacing the skin. With several other procedures to consider, our team is fully equipped to deal with all types of acne-related scarring.

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