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ZENii set detox

*NEW* ZENii Skin Detox Gift Set

Hand-picked by the Light Touch Clinic team, our ZENii Skin Detox Gift Set contains protects, nourishes and clarifies your skin to keep your skin looking fresh all year round. Save £24 when you these items as a set. Gift set contains 4 full-size items:


This wonderful gift set includes 4 of our favourite ZENii products and is suitable for all skin types:

  • Chamomile & Papaya Cleanser: This beautiful chamomile and papaya cleanser purifies the skin by removing daily debris and gently removing make up. Light and refreshing on the skin, papaya extract helps remove cellular build up whilst the orange oil and vitamin E revitalise and refresh the skin. (£45)
  • Clarifying Masque: This beautiful dead sea mud masque combines glycolic acid, zinc oxide and dead sea mud for ultimate oil and pore control performance. It can be used on all skin ~ including sensitive skin ~ for oil control, detoxification and skin hydration. (£45)
  • Antioxidant Serum: This concentrated serum is a cocktail of powerful skin antioxidants. Formulated with  20% L ascorbic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E & ferulic acid this is a powerhouse skin elixir of the finest calibre. It is ideal for anyone interested in anti-ageing, repairing photodamage & skin pigmentation, for collagen support & as a daily antioxidant. (£85)
  • Pro Collagen: ProCollagen is a high strength (1000mg) hydrolysed marine collagen and Vitamin C supplement formulated to help to maintain strong, beautiful and youthful skin. It is clinically evidenced to improve skin elasticity, reduce the visible signs of skin ageing and support the body’s own collagen. (£45)

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