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Dr Levy Ultra Stem Cell Facial

Treat yourself or someone you love to a fabulous stem cell-enriched facial at the Light Touch Clinic. Marrying expert skincare from Swiss dermatology brand Dr Levy with Exilis Elite RF skin tightening, this facial is designed to deliver a lift whilst improving skin quality. Perfect as a one-off before a special event or taken as a course throughout the year to maintain skin health.

This facial is usually £350 but if you order online in form of a voucher you can save £100.

Voucher valid for 12 months and comes in a gold envelope. If you would like to send this to someone as a gift, there is an option to add a little message on the delivery page.

£350.00 £250.00

Whilst a regular facial is great for maintenance and boosting skin quality, our Dr Levy Ultra Stem Cell Facial caters for those who something that tightens their skin too. This unique treatment marries award-winning Dr Levy Skincare with Exilis Elite skin tightening for a fabulous facial which delivers visible results.

We recommend this treatment for those who want to tighten skin on their face whilst addressing skin quality. This treatment is a great monthly maintenance treatment.

How Does It Work?

Dr Levy Skin Care uses a patented cocktail of ingredients including plant stem cell extract to stimulate your dermal stem cells. This helps your skin renew itself from within. Your treatment will begin with a cleanse and fast mask and is followed up with the application of award-winning serums.

Next, the Exilis Elite treatment begins. Using radio frequency heat energy, Exilis Elite boost the production of collagen and elastin to firm and tone your skin from within. During this stage of the treatment you will feel a warming sensation as the head of the machine passes over the skin.

To finish off the treatment, a careful combination of Dr Levy Skincare is applied to the skin and your practitioner will go through your aftercare with you.

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