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Dr Levy Skin Detox

Dr Levy Skin Detox and Renew Gift Set

As part of our promotion, this package is now £280, an excellent offer given that the the Serum alone is £280!

  1. NEW R3 Cell Matrix Mask (RRP £78)
  2. Booster Serum (RRP £280)
  3. 3Deep Cleanser (£45)


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Combining luxurious skincare with proven ingredients, our Dr Levy Detox and Renew gift set reawakens your dermal stem cells to encourage rejuvenation from within. The star ingredient is ArganCellActiv, a patented cocktail of skin-loving ingredients including plant-derived stem cells.

This fabulous giftset includes a trio of Dr Levy Skincare:

  1. NEW R3 Cell Matrix Mask (RRP £78): New for 2018, this highly anticipated mask is packed with antioxidants, retinol and vitamins to refresh your skin and give you that ‘you look well!’ glow.
  2. Booster Serum (RRP £280): A firm favourite with staff and patients alike, this serum is packed with a cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients to protect and rejuvenate the skin.
  3. 3Deep Cleanser (£45): This exfoliating yet creamy cleanser uses rice beads, glycolic and lactic acids to deeply cleanse the skin. Skin feels silky and smooth after use.

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