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CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum

CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum


A light-weight day formula developed to be easily absorbed into the skin, CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum promotes collagen, elastin and cellular regeneration. The stimulation of these cells are important in restoring the skin's natural elasticity and structure, which are vital for young and healthy looking skin.

The anti-ageing serum also helps reduce dark circles and imperfections while nourishing and hydrating skin, leaving it radiant and youthful.

Also try the hugely popular and luxurious CULT51 Night Cream for advanced night-long skincare.

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CULT51 is a British skincare company that specialises in advanced and luxurious anti-ageing products.


  • Wrinkle depth, size and number are significantly reduced
  • Expression lines and creases are smoother
  • Skin is firmer and elasticity is increased
  • Nourishes, brightens and hydrates


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