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Carlos Santos
Men's Wellness Consultant

Carlos has over 20 years’ experience as a clear-sighted Testosterone expert to the supplement, fitness, and medical weight loss industries. Carlos graduated from the University of Witwatersrand & University of South Africa with a concentration in human physiology, sport science and nutrition. His ground-breaking Testosterone Tales articles established him as a thought leader in hormone optimisation and intelligent ageing.

Carlos has extensive expertise and experience in programmes that support Hormone Replacement Treatment methods. Clients choosing to see Carlos at the Light Touch Clinic can expect a more personalised and improved outcome for their Intelligent Ageing Management Goals. Carlos works closely with doctors helping patients achieve their optimum health wellness goals.

Carlos works with men seeking Intelligent Ageing Therapy and natural hormone replacement therapy. Using his knowledge in both traditional as well as the latest advances in innovative, cutting edge medicine, Carlos integrates Intelligent Ageing concepts of illness prevention and wellness maintenance into personalised programmes designed to achieve optimal health and performance. He has seen the superior results that can be achieved using hormone replacement therapy for clients struggling with testosterone deficiency.

Anyone wishing to setup an initial screening with Carlos can call Light Touch Clinic on 01932 849552.

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