Dr Natalie spoke to Mail Online to explain why we shouldn’t sleep in our makeup and demonstrates the best way to wash you face (hint: makeup wipes are not enough!):

The full FEMAIL article was originally posted on 25th May 2016.

“Dematologist Dr Natalie Blakely of the Light Touch Clinic Surrey told FEMAIL: ‘Sleep is the time when our body rejuvenates. The cells will be recovering and turning over. The normal process should allow for old skin to slough off and new skin to replace it.

Leaving make up on at night means that the the skin is less able to rejuvenate. In the short term when you wake up, the skin will be unclean, and dull looking.

Leaving foundations on also means that the pores are likely to be blocked leaving to the skin prone to spots and blackheads.'”

Read the full interview at the Mail Online.