Janine Scott talked to the Mail Online to give us all another reason to frown less as she explains how facial expressions can effect how your face will age:

The full FEMAIL article was originally posted on 20th May 2016.

Janine Scott, Senior Aesthetic Practitioner at The Light Touch Clinic, Weybridge, Surrey has identified three different types of frown and how each one will age your skin.

If you tend to frown when you concentrate or spent a lot of time staring at a screen, you’re likely to be an eyebrow frowner.

‘Strong muscles between the eyebrows pull the brows inwards and downwards, overtime this gives either a single deep groove, or the number “11” lines,’ Janine explained.

This is from concentrating or squinting, and something that we see more and more of as people have an increase in screen time.’

According to Janine, baby frowners have the ‘typical look a baby has before it dissolves in to tears – the pulling down on the corners of the mouth and the slight lifting of the chin’.

She added: ‘Cute in a baby, not so in middle age as it will also enhance the appearance of ‘peau d’orange” which looks like cellulite on your chin.’

If you wrinkle your nose while frowning, you’re likely to end up with ‘bunny lines’.

These are creases in the skin that track down the side of the nose when smiling and sneering. If left untreated these can be really difficult to treat as they become etched on to the face.”

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