ULTRAcel is one of our most popular treatments at the Light Touch Clinic, this article takes a look at what the treatment is and what results we can achieve.

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Article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of Surrey Life magazine.

ULTRAcel at the Light Touch Clinic

Light Touch was one of the first clinics in the UK to offer ULTRAcel skin tightening and it is one of our most popular treatments. This revolutionary treatment uses a combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency for a truly deep and effective lift.

ULTRAcel is particularly effective for rejuvenating the lower face as it can tighten sagging jowls and remove double chins. This treatment can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture.

One of the great things about ULTRAcel is that it is totally non-invasive. This means that patients can return to their regular routine straight after their treatment and there is no complicated aftercare.

How Does it Work?
ULTRAcel is a combination rejuvenation treatment which uses Ultrasound and Radio Frequency energy to rejuvenate all layers of the skin.

After a thin gel has been applied, your medical practitioner will use the Radio Frequency head to deliver heat into the deeper layers of the skin. This causes the skin to tighten and produce new and remodelled collagen for a rejuvenated appearance.

Next, Ultrasound waves are beamed to a controlled depth where heat energy tightens and contracts the underlying tissue. This deep tissue treatment will promote the production of healthy collagen for an intense and prolonged tightening.

ULTRAcel delivers an instant lift which you will see when your Light Touch practitioner compares your before and after photographs. However, the lift will continue to improve over time and the full effect of an ULTRAcel treatment will be seen 3 months later.


Is the treatment painful?
ULTRAcel is a very comfortable treatment. However, you may experience a slight prickling sensation during the treatment where energy builds in the deeper layers of the skin. However, your practitioner will adjust the energy levels according to your feedback to ensure that the treatment is as pain-free as possible.

When will I see results?
Immediately after your treatment, your skin will look and feel tighter. However, this tightening effect will continue to improve over time as the old, tired collagen is replaced with new collagen. You can expect to see the optimum result at around 3 months.

How many treatments will I need?
We invite all interested patients for a consultation with one of our medical practitioners to assess their suitability and put together a bespoke treatment plan. Most of our patients require just 1 treatment, but some may require additional treatments for the very best result.

Patient TestimoniaLs

“I can honestly say that I was rendered completely speechless as the result was immediate. I had a mini facelift in an hour with no pain and no downtime.”

“I had no pain and remember wondering if anything had actually happened but when I saw the ‘after treatment’ photos, the results were staggering. I had my jawline back – my jowls had almost gone and my neck had improved.”

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