In the October feature in the Surrey and Buckinghamshire Life Magazines, there is an interview with our Senior Aesthetic Nurse Janine Scott.

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Article originally appeared in the October 2016 edition of Surrey Life magazine.

Introducing Janine Scott

Get to know the Light Touch Clinic’s Senior Aesthetic Nurse

To begin with, how did you become interested in aesthetics?
After spending many years at the cutting edge of surgery working alongside eight consultant plastic surgeons at St Thomas’ Hospital, it seemed a natural progression to enter the world of aesthetic medicine. In 12 years of working in aesthetics, I feel privileged to have been part of my patient’s journey as they strive to feel more confident about themselves. I never under estimate that any changes, big or small can have a huge impact on a person’s life.

What do you love most about your job?
I love meeting my patients for the first time, it is a very important part of the relationship where I really get to know what each patient wishes to improve. I always strive to combine treatments that deliver a look that enhances the patient’s natural beauty, no one should ever look over filled or ‘done’.

I am well-known for a light but effective approach to my work. It really saddens me when I see a patient that has been over filled, lips being a particular bug bear. The ‘slug’ lip should be banned!

What do you love about the Light Touch Clinic?
The clinic is brilliantly led by Dr Natalie Blakely. One of the philosophies of the clinic is that every patient should feel comfortable and relaxed, a cosmetic clinic can be quite daunting place for first time patients! Natalie has established a very warm and welcoming safe haven. As a team we demand excellence, never compromising on our patients results as this is what defines us a clinic. The team works closely together to deliver a five star experience that should exceed our patient expectations. I couldn’t wish to work in a more welcoming and ethical clinic.

When it comes to ageing, is there anything you wish you had known years ago?
When I was younger I worried how I would feel about ageing, would it happen overnight? How would it affect me? As I approach my 50th year, I have learnt that it’s really not as bad as I imagined. I feel positive about my ageing because I have a positive attitude towards it, I have had subtle treatments over the years that mean that I am in control of my ageing, not the other way round! I wish I hadn’t worried so much (and not used simple make up wipes as a teenager!)

What do consider the highlights of your career so far?
Too many to mention! Building a patient base over many years is really important to me, I have treated many patients for over 11 years and I still see them now, their loyalty and trust in what I do is definitely a highlight. Being listed as one of the UK’s Best Cosmetic Nurses in Tatler is definitely another achievement as it not only recognized what I personally have accomplished, it also recognized nine other brilliant nurses who are part of a nationwide team of highly skilled practitioners delivering excellence to their patients.

Your top treatment tips?
My top treatments tip is not to have a top treatment tip! Every person is so totally different and that’s what makes my job so interesting. The Light Touch Clinic has many different high end treatments and technologies that we can offer our patients. From injectable fillers to gently support the face, wrinkle relaxing injections to freshen lines and Ultrasound to lift and strengthen collagen, some or all of these approaches can be used to achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance – no two people are the same!

What are your three Hero products you wouldn’t be without?
Sunscreen – I cannot emphasise enough how important sunscreen is, we all know the damage UVA rays can cause. A high SPF along with sensible sun exposure will help to reduce those telltale signs as you age. I particularly like the Heliocare range as they have a more intelligent blend of ingredients to treat as well as protect.

Vitamin C Serum – Free radicals are a common part of everyday modern life, Vitamin C will go some way towards mopping these up as well as improving skintone. I love Obagi 15% Vitamin C.

Glycolic Exfoliation – we all should gently exfoliate our skin to get rid of dead skin cells otherwise our skin looks dull and lifeless. You wouldn’t put a beautiful dress on a dirty body, so don’t blame your make up, blame your skin care! I am a massive fan of Glycogent by ZO.

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