Lovely article in Tatler which explores the top treatments to have before a big event. The Light Touch Clinic was featured in the article for our fabulous Vanquish fat reduction results!


Text transcription:

Vanquish with Dr Natalie Blakely

The Lowdown It’s been given the thumbs-up by the FDA for reducing circumference around the waist – a determinedly stubborn area to sculpt. So you know you’re onto a good thing when you pitch up for a few rounds of Vanquish. In a nutshell, it’s targeted radiofrequency, which works by heating the fat stores that hide beneath the tummy. But what gives it an edge over competitive machines is the applicator. It’s simply huge – similar in size to your average kitchen grill, so it gets the whole abdomen in one go. There is no anesthetic and you’re cooked in about 40 minutes. Four to six treatments, roughly a week apart, arte suggested.

Our verdict – Lying on a bed beneath a warm plate hardly sounds like it’ll get results – but it really does. Get ready to bin your Spanx.

Details – £500 a session. At Light Touch Clinic, 50 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey. Phone: 01932849552.