Our medical director Dr Natalie Blakely was featured in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2017 in the opening article ‘Talking Turkey’ for her neck rejuvenation treatment using Botox.

Excerpt on Dr Natalie Blakely in ‘Talking Turkey’ in the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Botox is another option. And so, to Dr Natalie Blakely, whose Light Touch Clinic is prized for exactly that. ‘Botox has had a bad press,’ said Dr Blakely. ‘It’s because some people have simply had too much of it in their faces. The reality is that it is a very safe drug. As a muscle relaxant it is used, for example, in treating spasticity in children; but the amount we use in cosmetic medicine are tiny in comparison. So, I’m 43 years old…’

‘What?!’ I screamed. ‘You look 23. You’re obviously a testament to your own Light Touching technique.’

‘Thank you. I have a husband and small children, and they need to understand my facial expressions.’

After 40 minutes of chatting, I like and trust Dr Blakely so much that I am allowing her to inject my platysma, a sheet of muscle that extends from the collar bone up to the angle of the jaw. According to Dr Blakely, the muscles in the neck shorten as we age, creating bands while at the same time pulling against the jawline, resulting in lost definition.

Injecting the platysma with Botox will soften the muscle, allowing it to sit back rather than slacking forward.

Talking turkey