Dr Natalie Blakely shares some of her best tips to anti-age your body with Natural Health Magazine.

“It is paramount that we wear a high factor SPF throughout the year,” says Dr Natalie Blakely, aesthetic doctor and founder of the Light Touch Clinic (lighttouchclinic.co.uk). “Whilst UVB rays are more pronounced during the summer, UVA rays are present all year round and contribute significantly to the ageing process. These rays can penetrate glass too so even us who work indoors need to take precautions. SPF needs to be applied to all exposed areas – not just your face. If you are wearing a low cut top out during the day be sure to cover your neck and décolletage with SPF. Applying it needn’t be a chore – there are some fab formulas out there which provide five-star protection while being absorbed easily.”

“Easy to add into your routine, dry brushing has some great benefits for the skin and body,” says Dr Natalie Blakely. “As we get older, we start to notice changes in our skin such as increased dryness. By integrating body brushing into your routine you exfoliate the surface of your skin which over time will reveal smoother, softer skin. In addition, dry brushing can also help improve the appearance of cellulite.”