Natalie Blakely shares her insights into aesthetic treatments for mature jobseekers in the insightful article over at Compare the Treatment.

Meanwhile, Natalie Blakely, aesthetic doctor and owner of the Light Touch Clinic reveals that both men and women are visiting her clinic for ‘gentle refreshment and a confidence boost before an interview or before re-entering the job market’. As she says: ‘It’s not so different from buying a new suit!’

She explains: ‘During consultations, patients often say they are seeking cosmetic treatment to feel more confident ahead of a big interview. They know that they are competing with younger people who are more in tune with modern technology and patients want to look like they have the energy to match their experience.’

So, what subtle treatments would she recommend?

‘Botox injections and dermal fillers are the star treatments ahead of an interview as they have very immediate results and little downtime,’ she reveals.

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