There’s no doubt about it facial fillers get a bad press. But now it’s time to forget the frozen faces, chipmunk cheeks and trout pouts seen in the media and instead feast your eyes on the new advertising campaign #THISISME. The campaign proves that done correctly – and we stress by an experienced practitioner – facial fillers rejuvenate the face adding natural volume, firming the skin and softening wrinkles so you look a fresher, more radiant version of yourself.

At the Light Touch Clinic we only use gold-standard fillers BotoxRestylane and Juvaderm that plump the skin and smooth fine lines. Our philosophy is simple; we restore volume not add volume that wasn’t there in the first place so the results look 100% natural.*

‘Having facial fillers makes me instantly more visible to others so that I feel great about myself and how I look.’*


Carol, aged 50


‘Facial fillers make me feel sexy and revived. If you make sure you go to the right practitioner facial fillers can make you look fresh and gorgeous even when you’re juggling the mayhem of family life and work.’*

Hannah, aged 35


‘I think the key to staying youthful is to never stop trying new things. I was scared to get facial fillers at first but when I finally got round to doing it I realised how silly that was. All it took was a few chats with my friends that have already had it done and I was sold.’*

Pamela, aged 59


‘If I could give one piece of advice to someone considering facial fillers I’d say go and speak to a practitioner. The right one will help you get results you’ll love.’*

Jules, aged 38


‘I don’t subscribe to the idea that as you get older you have to choose between your face and your figure. Facial fillers really plumped up my cheeks again and gave me natural looking results which are really important to me.’*

Helle, aged 36


‘I like how facial fillers give me natural looking results and my face isn’t frozen, meaning my eyes still smile when I do. Facial fillers make me feel like I’m the best version of myself, which is a great reason to do it.’*

Carol Anne, aged 69

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For more information about #THISISME campaign by Allergan visit or #THISISME

  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

    Everyone is unique. This means that sensitivity periods, discomfort, treatment plans, treatment results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. For more accurate information, you should make a consultation with one of our experts.

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  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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