18th October 2022

IV Drips At Light Touch Clinic

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We have introduced another new treatment at Light Touch Clinic! We will now be offering IV drips, from IntraVita, alongside our already extensive treatment portfolio. If you’re under the impression that this procedure is only for Hollywood starlets, you’d be sorely mistaken. We simply don’t believe that only famous names deserve the best treatment, which is why we’ve brought this particular option to our Weybridge clinic. Read on to learn more.

Why Might I Need This Treatment?

There are several reasons as to why you might find yourself in need of our IV drips. Whether you’ve just been to a hen party or you’ve celebrated a friend’s birthday over a long weekend and you’re feeling a bit tired, or perhaps you’ve been ill recently and you’re feeling run-down – we have something for you.

When our bodies don’t get enough vitamins, they just don’t perform as well as they could. This means that, if you’re lacking some of these essential vitamins, it’s not just your energy levels that might suffer, it could also leave your hair, skin and nails looking dull and feeling weak or brittle. If your body isn’t at 100% and you’ve tried everything you can, it’s time to book in for your treatment.

More On IntraVita And Light Touch Clinic

Our IV drips are the perfect way to ensure that you’re feeling your absolute best. We’ve chosen IntraVita as our supplier because they’re a UK-registered brand that offers MHRA-approved, cutting-edge products. They specialise in IV vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results.

Much like ourselves, IntraVita strives for excellence, so our partnership has felt like a natural progression to our services. Thanks to our founder, Dr. Natalie Geary, we have always been at the forefront of the aesthetics industry. With that in mind, we knew it was time to broaden our treatment portfolio to include IV drips.

IV Drips – What Are Your Options?

You can choose from our Mega Vitaliser, Performance Booster or Immune Booster IV drips to give your body a dose of some much-needed vitamins, which have been tailored specifically to your needs. You can even boost yours with biotin or antioxidants to further increase the benefits of this treatment.

  • The Mega Vitaliser is for those with busy social lives who seldom get the chance to rest. On the other hand, the Performance Booster is for our most active patients.


  • If you spend a lot of time at the gym or you have a particularly demanding, physical job, this is perfect for you! We also recommend this drip for our Dr. GoFigure! patients who have recently increased how much exercise they partake in.


  • As you may have guessed, our Immune Booster is for anyone who has been unwell recently. If you’re suffering from post-viral fatigue and you need some extra help getting back on your feet, please ask the team about our Immune Booster, or any of our other IV drips, if you have any questions.

Contact Us

Although this is a new treatment offering, our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our IV drips and they will be able to answer all of your questions. Please call us on 01932 849552 or contact us here to find out more.

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