IPL is our preferred choice of laser for those wanting to treat the appearance of superficial pigmentation (sun damage) and any broken veins or capillaries.  At our clinic, we use the UK’s best IPL machine by Lynton Lasers, because as you know, we only use the best in the industry!

IPL can also be the ideal treatment to even skin tone and brighten.  It is a popular choice with patients, and the results are simply amazing.  We always recommend a course of treatments to see the best results, but often only 1-3 treatments are needed. 


1- How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

The treatment takes 30 minutes.

2- Can I Have Treatment if I Have Been in the Sun and Have a Tan?

Unfortunately not. IPL must only be done on skin that has not been exposed to the sun.

 3- How Much?

Prices start at £150.

Please note that all patients will require a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment even if you have had the treatment elsewhere before.  Patch tests are complimentary and can be carried out during your consultation.