How To Stop Spot Breakouts From Ruining Your Skin On Holiday

Over at ELLE UK, Natalie Blakely shares her top tips for keeping breakouts at bay whilst you’re on holiday.

Look out for sunscreens with an oil-free formula and pick up those that are not water-resistant,’ she says. ‘While water-resistant formulas keep the sunscreen on your skin, they also trap any excess oil underneath, which can lead to breakouts.’ But if you’re on-the-go, Dr. Blakely suggests keeping a brush-on sunblock powder in your handbag to keep excess oil from ruining your pictures. ‘It applies just like a regular powder for a matte finish, but provides protection from the sun.

It’s not just you – skin does tend to become oilier in the summer months, according to Dr. Natalie Blakely, aesthetic doctor and owner of the Light Touch Clinic. Changes in temperature can stimulate excess sebum production, and when oil mixes with dead cells on the surface of the skin, it can lead to blocked pores and eventually breakouts. The solution? Incorporating a gentle exfoliator in to your cleansing routine.

I always recommend the Dr. Levy 3Deep Cell Renewal Microsurfacing Cleanser, £39,’ says Dr. Natalie, ‘as it has a gentle, moisturising formula and rice beads to reveal brighter skin. I also love the Zenii Chamomile and Papaya Cleanser, £35 which uses enzymes to exfoliate the skin. What I would say, though, is to exfoliate a little less in the summer to prevent skin from getting too dry. One or twice a week is ample.

Dr. Natalie says packing a nutrient rich serum for the day time will aid skin repair after a heavy night. ‘I’m particularly fond of the Zenii Antioxidant Power Serum, £85 as it combines replenishing vitamins with hydrating hyaluronic acid,’ she says.



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