Get To Know Cecilia Ross

A big welcome to our Senior Medical Aesthetician Cecilia Ross! Get to know our latest team member in our blog.

What are your favourite treatments to perform?

I am a big fan of skin resurfacing treatments such as Tixel, INTRAcel, IPL and chemical peels. While many are preoccupied with just minimising fine lines, we should all be looking at improving overall skin texture and tone. Dry, rough skin and pigmentation can really make skin look older. What I love about these treatments is that we can use them on their own as preventative anti-ageing or maintenance or they can be coupled with injectables.

Top tip for patients?

Maintenance. Maintenance. Maintenance. I always schedule in a monthly skin treatment to help keep my skin healthy and prevent against premature ageing. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be a chemical peel, a Dr Levy Stem Cell facial or Tixel treatment.

Favourite products?

Whilst this isn’t a topical product, I cannot recommend Omega 3 enough for patients. Omega 3 is great for the skin and is abundant in fish. Personally, I am not keen on fish so do I do not get enough Omega 3 from my diet which means that Omega supplements are one of my must-haves.

I love the luscious lashes you can achieve with Revitalash. It’s very easy to apply and it really works.

Like many of our patients, ZO Daily Power Defence is one of my skincare essentials. Packed with antioxidants, a little bit of retinol and hydration, this super serum helps prepare your skin for the day.

Cecilia Ross joins the Light Touch Clinic as our Senior Medical Aesthetician. Working alongside our other aestheticians, Cecilia specialises in skin rejuvenation such as ULTRAcel and body contouring treatment like CoolSculptng and Unison. Passionate about 5-star service and creating a confidence-boosting result, Cecilia will help you look and feel your best.

To find out more about our latest team member or to book a consultation, please call our friendly front-of-house team on 01932 849552.

  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

    Everyone is unique. This means that sensitivity periods, discomfort, treatment plans, treatment results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. For more accurate information, you should make a consultation with one of our experts.

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  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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