Areas of Body Fat which can be Treated with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is one of the most widely used and safest fat freezing treatments on the market for men and women, with over 5 million procedures carried out worldwide. It is used as a non-invasive fat reduction option for patients with stubborn areas of fat which have proven difficult to reduce with diet an exercise alone. Some of the most popular areas for the treatment to be used on are the neck, arms, thighs and stomach. Below we outline the areas of the body which can be treated with CoolSculpting.

Neck and Chin

A surgical neck lift used to be the only option for patients who wanted to remove fat and tighten in skin in the neck and chin area. Now there are many safe and quick non-surgical options available, including CoolSculpting.

Double Chin: Reducing the appearance of a double chin is one of the most common requests we receive here at the Light Touch Clinic. CoolSculpting is a fantastic option for tackling fat under the chin and removing the folds which cause the ‘double chin’ look. The treatment has no down-time and results are often seen in just one or two visits*.

Turkey Neck: Lax skin on your neck can make you look older than your years and can be caused by rapid weight loss or aging. While CoolSculpting is highly effective for tackling double chins, it is not a suitable treatment for reducing submental fat (neck fat). More dedicated skin contouring treatments for the neck and décolletage area, such as ULRTAcel or Exilis Elite, are more practical options. These other non-surgical alternatives are far better suited to restoring the firmness of the skin in a natural way.

Legs and Thighs

The leg area is one of the most difficult to reduce fatty deposits and tone though diet and exercise.

Thighs and Saddlebags: Excess fat at the top of the outer thigh and below the hips is often referred to as a saddlebag. Reducing saddlebags and thigh fat overall, especially on the outer thighs, can be very difficult. This is where CoolSculpting becomes a good option for many as it is designed to reduce fat in these stubborn areas. Treatment is often quick at around two hours for each outer thigh and one hour per inner thigh, and there is little to no down-time.

Knee Area: CoolSculpting is a targeted fat removal treatment and so can be used on very specific areas of the body. Unwanted fat above, below or to the side of the knee can all be treated with the CoolMini precision applicator. However, as the procedure is designed to work on larger areas of fat, CoolSculpting might not be the most suitable option available to you. A consultation with our highly experienced practitioners can determine if reducing fat around the knee with CoolSculpting is right for you.

Back Area

To achieve the best results with CoolSculpting patients should be close to their ideal weight but are struggling to shift stubborn fat in common problem areas like the upper and lower back. Reducing this fat through intensive exercises like head tilts, jumping jacks or side lunges can be difficult for many to achieve. Within two to four procedures*CoolSculpting can be very effective at tackling your fatty back.

Jowls and Facial Area

Jowls: Jowls are the loose, fleshy skin that droops from the lower part of a person’s jaw. A facelift is still a common go-to for patients wanting to resolve sagging jowls and to better define their jaw line, but plastic surgery is not a necessity.

Thanks to the advanced development of non-invasive procedures, patients do not have to go under the knife to treat their jowls. Some clinics do offer just the CoolSculpting procedure to tackle the problem, but here at Light Touch we to use CoolSculpting in combination with ULTRAcel and Thread Lifting to create our revolutionary Ultimate Jowl Lift treatment.

Face: CoolSculpting is not a suitable treatment for any area of the face, including cheeks, forehead or eyes bags.
This is because the treatment is designed to target large pockets of fat and freeze them through the process of cryolipolysis, which kills fat cells and naturally eliminates them over time. Viable areas of fat do not occur on the face and so other more suitable treatments are used, including Dermal Fillers or ULTRAcel.

Upper Arms

Wanting to reduce fat in the upper arm area is one of our most common requests. But having an arm lift via surgery is not the only option thanks to CoolSculpting which removes stubborn arm fat without leaving a scar.

Bingo Wings: Flabby fat despots which hang from the undersides of a person’s upper arm are often referred to as ‘bingo wings’. This area of stubborn fat can be very difficult to shift through arm strength exercises like push-ups and dips, or weight training routines like bicep curls and pull-downs.

A few CoolSculpting treatments targeted to the under arm area can greatly reduce the build-up of fatty tissue, ridding the appearance of bingo wings and leaving arms slimmer and the skin tighter*.

Treating Cellulite

Cellulite causes skin to look lumpy and dimpled and commonly appears on the buttock and thigh areas. As CoolSculpting is primarily designed to be a non-surgical fat reduction procedure it’s not a suitable option for patients looking to treat cellulite.

Here at the Light Touch Clinic we offer dedicated body contouring and skin tightening treatments such as Exilis Elite and BTL Unison which would be better suited for reducing cellulite.


CoolSculpting is a fantastic option for patients wanting to reduce belly fat and tackle their love handles as the procedure is specifically designed to work best on stubborn fat bulges. Treatment is quick and with little to zero down-time*, it makes it the perfect alternative to liposuction.

Love Handles and Muffin Tops: Excess deposits of fat around a person’s waistline are often referred to as ‘love handles’. When wearing tight fitting trousers these rolls of fat can be push over the waistband, extenuating the fat and causing a ‘muffin top’ appearance.

This is a common area of concern for patients as the fat can be very difficult to shift through diet and exercise. Within one or two treatments* CoolSculpting can greatly reduce the pinchable fat of the waistline.

Stomach and Tummy Area: Reducing the fat around the belly is one of the most regular requests at our clinic. CoolSculpting offers long-term results* which are normally only available via surgical procedures like a tummy-tuck.

The procedure is able to target large areas of fat in a single, one hour treatment, with visible results after just one or two visits*.

Chest Area

Shifting stubborn fat in the chest region can be an extremely difficult task for both men and women. Diet and exercise alone might not be enough to decrease the build of up of fatty tissue and skin sag which causes man boobs or bra fat.

Bra Fat: An area of tissue which overhangs and bulges when wearing a bra is sometimes called ‘bra fat’. This can cover ‘alliary puff’ above the bra or ‘bra back fat’ occurring on your back. Bra fat is one of the most visible and noticeable areas of excess fatty tissue which causes a lot of concern for patients. Many believe surgery is the best method of fat removal for this problem area, but CoolSculpting can provide excellent results with no down time* and no scarring.

Man Boobs: Known medically as Gynaecomastia, man boobs is a very common complaint among males who have seen their breasts swell and enlarge. Causes range from having a hormone imbalance, obesity and puberty.

While some instances of gynaecomastia can be treated with hormone subscriptions, a CoolSculpting procedure can be an option for others who have man boobs caused by excess fat. It is recommended that you have a consultation with a medical professional to find out the initial cause of your gynaecomastia.

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