8th September 2022

Weight Loss Tips From Light Touch Clinic

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At Light Touch Clinic, we know better than most how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep it off. This is the exact reason why our founder, Dr. Natalie Geary, created Dr GoFigure!, a holistic weight loss programme with a difference. We’re here today to share our best weight loss tips, which should help you to lose weight and keep it off!

Read on to learn more about reaching your weight loss goals.

What Weight Loss Tips Are You Already Aware Of?

A lot of so-called weight loss tips are nothing but old wives’ tales. You may have heard that the only way to lose weight is to starve yourself or to exercise for three hours every single day but this simply isn’t the case. Myths such as these can be disheartening and put people off from trying to shed stubborn fat.

Luckily, Dr. Natalie Geary is an expert when it comes to weight loss as well as aesthetics! Here are her top weight loss tips:

  • Get moving! Exercise doesn’t have to be taxing or last for hours on end to be effective. Opt for HIIT workouts or try to squeeze exercise into your routine. Park your car further away from your office or walk to the shops instead of driving – these seemingly small actions will start to make a difference.
  • Be mindful of what you eat. It’s easy to snack on junk food and order a takeaway if you’re feeling lazy but this won’t help you to lose weight in the long run. Look for ways to include seasonal fruit and vegetables in your meal plan and find a few recipes that you really love so that you have meals to turn to.
  • We’ve saved our favourite of these weight loss tips for last – sign up to Dr. GoFigure! As we mentioned earlier, this is a weight loss programme that was designed with results in mind. It involves 9 elements that will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to lose weight and maintain your results in the long run.


What Does Dr. GoFigure! Involve?

First, you will have a 1-2-1 consultation with Dr. Natalie. She will use this as an opportunity to understand why you want to lose weight and how to make the programme work for you. Don’t worry, she won’t share any untrustworthy weight loss tips, only helpful advice that will make a difference. After that, you will receive a tailored nutrition plan and you also have the opportunity to get meals delivered to your door! You will get three days of food free thanks to our delivery partner – if you would like to carry on with this service to take the stress out of mealtimes, this option is available at an additional cost.

Next up, you will benefit from a range of technological advances! Our EMS suit uses innovative technology to bring you a full-body workout in 20 minutes, which is all thanks to its ability to induce muscle contractions. You will also benefit from either Emerald Laser treatment or Coolsculpting sessions. The Emerald Laser was developed by the talented team at Erchonia and we use it to reduce fat on up to 10 areas of the body at once.

All you need to do following treatment is ensure you drink plenty of water to help your body flush out fat through its natural metabolic processes. As well as helping your metabolism, the Dr. GoFigure! programme also stimulates lymphatic drainage to not only help with fat loss and the absorption of nutrients, but your general well-being too.

These are just some of the ways in which we help those on the Dr. GoFigure! programme. If you want to find out more, please get in touch with our team of experts.

Contact Us

Weight loss tips that do more harm than good will soon become a thing of the past thanks to Dr. GoFigure! Call Light Touch Clinic on 01932 849552 or contact us here. Our team will be able to answer any preliminary questions you have.

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