20th February 2022

Our Top 5 Dermal Filler Treatments

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Treatments that prevent or reverse the onset of ageing were once reserved for the rich and famous. The price for such luxuries was not only paid in monetary value, but in surgical risk and prolonged periods of recovery time. The introduction of injectables such as Dermal Filler Treatments and Anti-wrinkle Injections transformed the market in every respect. Aesthetic procedures are now affordable for the majority of clients, treatment times can be squeezed into lunchtime breaks and the non-surgical nature of injectables allows for minimal downtime. 

At Light Touch Clinic, Dermal Filler Treatments are incredibly popular amongst our clients. Our use of premium Fillers, such as Aliaxin and Juvéderm, combined with the practised hand of expert practitioners, ensures subtle, natural-looking results with every treatment. Hyaluronic acid, the primary ingredient in all of our fillers, has phenomenal hydrating properties that can improve the health of the skin as well as providing anti-ageing benefits. 

For those of you considering joining the growing number of people turning to cosmetics in their quest to defy the ageing process, we have compiled a list of our top 5 Dermal Filler Treatments. 

Popular Dermal Filler Treatments At Light Touch Clinic

Reshaping The Lips 

A survey carried out by Save Face found that 59% of over 50,000 respondents viewed Lip Fillers as commonplace as receiving a haircut. It’s no surprise then that Lip Reshaping made our top 5 Dermal Filler Treatment list! Whether you are looking to add a little volume or correct asymmetry, Lip Fillers provide the perfect solution. 

Reversing Sunken Cheeks

Studies suggest that high cheekbones are considered an attractive feature across cultures, so it makes sense that we want to hold onto these facial contours for as long as possible. With each passing year, our facial bones lose mass and collagen levels deplete, which can cause the cheeks to appear sunken. Targeted Dermal Fillers replace this lost volume, lifting sagging skin and restoring the enviable cheekbones of our youth. 

Reducing Lip Lines 

Lip lines refer to the creases that expand from the lips onto the adjacent skin. They are sometimes referred to as smoker’s lines due to the repeated actions associated with drawing in cigarette smoke, however, they can develop on anybody. Dermal Filler Treatments plump up the area surrounding the mouth, smoothing away lip creases for a more youthful look.    

Restoring Under-Eye Hollows 

Although dark bags under the eyes are often attributed to a lack of sleep, under-eye hollows can form for a variety of reasons, most commonly due to genetic factors and ageing. Atrophy caused by the degeneration of cells in eye muscles can cause the skin under the lower eyelids to sag or sink. By injecting filler underneath the eye, lost volume is restored and dark circles appear reduced. 

Treating Acne Scars

The versatility of Dermal Fillers allows practitioners to treat much more than the signs of ageing. Acne scarring can cause areas of the skin to appear depressed or punctured, which can act as an unwanted reminder of a battle with active acne. When injected under the surface of a scar, Dermal Fillers lift the sunken skin, creating a smoother complexion. 

Book Your Dermal Filler Treatment At Light Touch Clinic

To experience the benefits of Dermal Fillers for yourself, book an appointment at Light Touch Clinic today. During your initial consultation, your practitioner will assess your skin and recommend suitable areas for treatment. Our procedures extend way beyond our top 5 treatments, to include other facial areas, the neck, décolletage and even ageing hands! To find out more, call 01932 849 552 or make an enquiry via our website. 

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