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CoolSculpting Results: Before & After Photos

Here at the Light Touch Clinic we pride ourselves on our patient experience and our CoolSculpting treatments are no exception. From love handles and double chins, to removing stubborn fat from the upper arm area, you can see our patients’ incredible results for yourself in these Before and After photos.

Abdomen and Flank

Before and After CoolSculptingBefore

Before and After CoolSculptingAfter CoolSculpting*

After her consultation, this patient was keen to remove the fat bulges around her abdominal and flank area. As CoolSculpting is designed to focus on specific areas of fat, it makes the procedure ideal for this type of desired body contouring and we were able to target and freeze the fat cells around the anterior abdomen.

Double Chin and Crows Neck

Before and After CoolSculptingBefore

Before and After CoolSculptingAfter CoolSculpting*


Double chins and sagging necks are common complaints from our patients and can make a person look older than their actual age. As the neck is a delicate area, an invasive fat reduction treatment like CoolSculpting is the perfect alternative to plastic surgery. By being able to target only the fat cells, the procedure helps reduce fatty layers and tighten skin.

Love Handles

Before and After CoolSculptingBefore

Before and After CoolSculptingAfter CoolSculpting*


Love handles are pockets of excess fat around the waistline that are notoriously difficult to shift through exercise and diet alone. It is a common area of concern with female and male patients alike and many are looking for a good, safe alternative to liposuction. This is where we recommend CoolSculpting, as the fat freezing procedure is perfectly suited to dealing with large areas of stubborn fat, especially around the waist and hip line.

Belly Fat

Before and After CoolSculptingBefore

Before and After CoolSculptingAfter CoolSculpting*

While patients ask often us about reducing fat in specific areas, many have a general desire to decrease the size of their belly. As CoolSculpting allows us to target a large area in a single treatment session, it is the perfect tool for removing layers of fat on the stomach. As the procedure only affects fat cells and leaves healthy muscle and skin cells intact, it is quicker and has less down-time compared to surgical alternatives*.

Patient Satisfaction and Safety

We are extremely passionate about patient safety at the Light Touch Clinic and would not offer CoolSculpting if we did not have complete trust in it. The treatment is FDA cleared in the United States and our clinic is regulated by the UK Care Quality Commission.

We have a number of customer satisfaction awards, including the ‘Best Customer Experience South England & Wales’ at the My Face My Body awards, and from our latest Patient Satisfaction Survey, 99% of our patients thought our explanations of treatment processes were Good or Very Good.

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