Charity Update: We raised £1,577 for the Walton and Hersham FoodBank!!

Walton and Hersham FoodBank

A massive thank you to our lovely patients who purchased our charity hand creams and made donations. Your generosity coupled with our pledge to donate £5 from every sale between November 20th and December 16th has helped us raised a massive £1,577 for the Walton and Hersham FoodBank.

We chose the food bank as we wanted to help a charity in our local community. All food bank staff work voluntarily but there are a lot of costs involved in offering this facility such as paying to store all the kind food donations.

You can read more about the wonderful work they do online here. There are also some stories of individuals and families who have been helped by the food bank.

Once again, thank you for you generosity!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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  • Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary.
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