BRIDES Cosmetic Beauty Guide: You’ve Just Met Your Match

The Look: Strapless

Don’t let back acne put you off the strapless dress of your dreams! Tweakment Queen Natalie Blakley has a solution in her Ultimate INTRAcel treatment.

The Back Refiner

When unsightly, unwelcome spots appear on your back and threaten to blight your big day, it’s good to know about The Ultimate INTRAcel (from £815).

This two-stage treatment combines and Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE (painted on the back to dry out oily skin) with INTRAcel, a rather ferocious radio-frequency machine that has a needle-pronged head that’s applied to spotty trouble areas to interrupt the sebaceous glands, so that skin produces less oil. The needles also stimulate collagen production to thicken up and retexture skin, softening the appearance of acne scarring, while the radio-frequency current helps tighten up larger pores and heats the surface of the skin to kill off bacteria, stopping new breakouts from occurring.

While this treatment is highly effective it is pretty intense – it can feel like having hot needles stuck into your back and your skin can feel slightly sunburnt for the next few hours afterwards. This is not a quick fix, either – most people need a course of three treatments (paced monthly), but after the first one skin in noticeable clearer, with the best results peaking around 6 months later.

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