8th July 2022

Body Sculpting Technology At Light Touch Clinic

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With our array of first-class body sculpting technology at Light Touch Clinic, we’re making it even easier for our patients to feel more confident. The aspirations of our founder, Dr Natalie Geary, and her belief that nothing is too much for her patients, have resulted in an incredible clinic where anyone can see themselves transformed by the latest state-of-the-art devices.

Body Sculpting Innovations

We have multiple different machines aimed at reducing pockets of excess fat that just won’t budge. For instance, our Coolsculpting treatment uses controlled cooling to get rid of unwanted fat cells, whilst Exilis Elite Contouring shapes the body and reduces cellulite through a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound technology.

However, we are particularly proud of a fairly new acquisition, perhaps the most futuristic body sculpting innovation of them all – the Emerald Laser. We are delighted to be the only clinic in Surrey with this weapon in our arsenal, which works by creating a pore in the fat cell. This draws out the fat, which can then easily be converted into energy with just some light exercise.

In just one 30-minute session, this radical piece of body sculpting technology can target up to 10 different parts of the body, causing 7.5cm of overall fat loss. In addition to these never-before-seen results, the Emerald Laser can also treat patients with a BMI of over 30, who might not have been able to benefit from similar weight loss treatments in the past.

A New Kind Of Aesthetic Technology

The EMS suit is another new kind of body sculpting option, enabling you to replicate a hard session at the gym without a time-consuming workout. Receive the same toning, slimming and muscle strengthening as a full-body workout with a mere 20 minutes in our suit, which uses electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and cause them to expand and contract as if you were doing intensive exercise. The process, which feels like a vibration or a pulse throughout your body, boosts metabolic activity, accelerates fat burning and works your muscles, leaving you looking and feeling like a superhero!

However, as electricity is vital to the success of this device, it’s crucial you use an FDA-approved suit. At Light Touch Clinic, we only use the safest equipment, so that you can rest easy during your weight loss and body sculpting treatments.

Harnessing Light Power

Aesthetic technology is not limited to body sculpting and neither are our devices. We have harnessed the power of light with some of our revolutionary machines and we’re using it to reinvigorate our patients’ skin.

Our Dermalux LED Phototherapy is an excellent way to rejuvenate the complexion as it uses a mixture of three different lights to heal and repair the dermis. A Dermalux session sends out red, blue and infrared light, reinvigorating cells that have been damaged following UV exposure and the ageing process. This combination of different lights combats skin laxity, oiliness, congestion, bacteria and signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and general dullness.

We’re stunned by the results these new inventions can achieve, with a similar IPL treatment cancelling out everything from skin discolouration to vascular concerns. Why would you want to fight the future? At Light Touch, we wholeheartedly embrace it.

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