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Kirsty’s INTRAcel experience

With not long to go until the big day, I was keen to get an INTRAcel treatment booked in to help my skin look bright and clear. As many patients know, INTRAcel is my favourite treatment and I always try to squeeze in a maintenance session or 2 every year. This treatment has two applications […]

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Get To Know Cecilia Ross

A big welcome to our Senior Medical Aesthetician Cecilia Ross! Get to know our latest team member in our blog. What are your favourite treatments to perform? I am a big fan of skin resurfacing treatments such as Tixel, INTRAcel, IPL and chemical peels. While many are preoccupied with just minimising fine lines, we should […]

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Kirsty has an Ultra Stem Cell Facial!

As you have already seen on social media, we have recently launched our Ultra Stem Cell Lift facials which are part of our Summer Skin Boot Camp. What sets this facial apart from our other facials is that it combines Exilis Elite radiofrequency technology and Dr Levy Skincare to lift and tighten the skin. I […]

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Soften & Contour: The Lower Face

As we age, unfortunately the effects of gravity and decreased collagen can cause our lower face to sag and create lines we don’t always want. However, using wrinkle relaxing treatments and fillers, our talented medical practitioners can help refresh the lower face. Tidying up the peri-oral area Filler can be an excellent choice for those […]

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Meet the Ultra Stem Cell Lift Facial

We are very excited to welcome a new family of facials to our burgeoning menu: meet the Ultra Stem Cell Lift Facial. The perfect combination These facials combine the benefits of Exilis Elite skin tightening with our best-selling Dr Levy skincare to help deliver a noticeable lift and rejuvenate your skin. We were one of […]

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