One of the great things about CoolSculpting is that we are able to treat a wide range of problem areas, this makes it a fantastic option for those wanting a treatment to transformation plan. From wobbly tummies to bra fat and double chins, the only FDA-approved fat freezing treatment can reduce stubborn fat for good.

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Here at the Light Touch Clinic we have a wide variety of CoolSculpting Applicators, allowing our highly trained staff to cater to patient’s individual needs:

CoolCurve+: The curved design of the head allows for better placement on hips, love handles and the lower back.

CoolCore: This shallower cup is designed to match the contour of the abdomen and is ideal for tackling fat on smaller areas.

CoolMax: The wide vacuum cup is suitable for treating larger areas of the body, including the stomach.

CoolFit: The flat design on the treatment head is perfect for reducing fat on longer, vertical areas of the body, such as thighs and stubborn areas of the abdomen.

CoolMini: This compact head is suitable for targeting jowls and the smaller fat build-ups that occur around the chest and arms. Find out more about CoolMini here.