As you probably know, at the Light Touch Clinic, our practitioners like to take a holistic approach to wellness and anti-ageing medicine. So, to make sure that I am feeling my very best for the big day, Dr Natalie Blakely suggested that I had a blood test to take a look at how my body is running internally.

I haven’t had a blood test for quite some time so was very curious to see how everything was going inside. Janine Scott took my bloods and they were whizzed off for analysis. When the results came back the next day, Dr Cherry Armstrong went through my results with me and made sense of all the numbers. It was an in-depth analysis that looked at my thyroid levels, liver function, kidney function, biochemistry and immunology.

Fortunately, all of my levels were within the normal ranges – except for liver function. It was explained to me that my results suggest that I have a fatty liver – I was very surprised and initially rather alarmed. It looks like my Friday night glass of wine and sweet tooth could be catching up on me. However, I was relieved to find out that this condition is actually reversible by making some dietary changes.

Carlos Santos who is part of our Men’s Wellness Clinic looked at my results and put together a diet and exercise plan which will help me improve my liver health and overall health. The plan involves low carbs, high protein and high good fat (sadly no extra cake!).

I’m really happy with the results I have seen so far  – I’ve lost 7lbs!

For the next part of my bridal beauty journey, we’re going to be looking at skin quality and what sort of things we can do to make sure my skin is glowing for my wedding day.

~ Kirsty