the skin health pyramidAs seen in Dr Natalie’s Vlog on the Skin Ping last year,  youthful, healthy skin is so much more than just wrinkle-relaxing injections and filler. At the Light Touch Clinic we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to nourishing and caring for your skin.

At the bottom layer of the pyramid, or the foundation, we have Nutrition and Lifestyle. How we live has a massive impact on skin quality. For example, too little sleep leads to an increase in cortisol levels which in turn can cause dark circles and breakouts (you can read more about sleep and skin health on Live Box). In addition, healthy skin needs the right vitamin and mineral support to calm any inflammation and aid skin repair. At the Light Touch Clinic we can help nourish your skin from within with supplements, lifestyle advice and hormone support.

The next layer is Expert Skincare. By expert skincare, we refer to skincare which uses proven, medi-grade ingredients and is selected by skincare specialist to meet your skin’s unique needs. Invest in your skin and book a consultation with a specialist and get a bespoke prescription of skincare which delivers real results as opposed to playing trial-and-error on the high street. See our blog on High Street vs Cosmeceuticals for more information on what makes our skincare different.

Skin Quality Treatments are among our most popular at the clinic.  While treatments further up the pyramid will keep wrinkles at bay, for that healthy glow, you should invest in improving your skin quality. These treatments seek to change your skin from within to boost luminosity, even pigmentation, treat acne and accelerate collagen production. We have a whole range of skin quality treatments to suit every goal and skin type such as:

The next stage of anti-ageing intervention is Injectable Treatments. Filler helps replenish lost facial volume such as deepened tear troughs, sallow cheeks and thinning lips. Only administered by one of our medical professionals we can use dermal fillers of the highest calibre to replenish lost facial volume.

Movement wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet can be treated with wrinkle-relaxing treatments. Again, this treatment is only performed by an experienced medical practitioner and we strive for natural results that leave you looking ‘well’, not frozen.

At the top of the pyramid we have our Skin Tightening Treatments. A youthful profile has most of its volume in the upper face and a defined jawline. However, as we age, our volume shifts to our lower face, forming heavy jowls. These non-invasive treatments are designed to improve skin elasticity and prevent heavy jawlines. These lifting treatments include ULTRAcel and Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting.

For more information on how we can transform your skin, why not book a consultation with one of our experienced practitioners? Simply call the clinic on 01932 849552 or complete the form below – don’t forget to explain your skin concerns so our reception team can get you booked in with the most suitable practitioners.

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