Baby Botox

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With online newspapers all too ready to point out heavy-handed Botox treatments on celebrities, many first time patients are understandably pretty anxious about the #1 wrinkle-relaxing treatment. Indeed, during initial consultations many patients express concerns about overly arched eyebrows or frozen foreheads.

However, you shouldn’t let these bad examples put you off! Sadly, the best Botox examples won’t make the headlines as the results are subtle and look completely natural. Botox has been used for 30 years as a proven anti-ageing treatment and when administered carefully by an expert who understands your needs, the results are natural. You look like yourself, just a little fresher!

Baby Botox is a term applied to subtle rejuvenation using small amounts of Botox and is especially popular with patients having their very first Botox treatment. Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles which cause motion wrinkles like crow’s feet, worry lines and forehead lines, but by using small amount of product our medical; [practitioners can relax the lines without compromising your expression.

We pride ourselves on our less-is-more philosophy at the Light Touch Clinic.

Our practitioners are well-known for their subtle results when it comes to re-touching your face. It really takes great skill and eye for detail when it comes to injecting Botox as the peak results will not be seen until a couple of weeks later. We would prefer to under treat and then top up at your 2 week review, if necessary.

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