Winter Refresh

Winter Refresh Package: 3 Steps to Glowing Skin

The Christmas countdown has officially begun! So now is the time to start thinking about your holiday treatments.

Carefully crafted by Dr Sonia Kersey, our Winter Refresh package is designed to get your skin ready for party season by smoothing lines, boosting hydration and giving your skin a beautiful glow.

Our Winter Refresh package combines the benefits of 3 treatments: Profhilo, wrinkle-relaxing injections and a mesoestetic peel. Each Winter Refresh package is tailored to your individual needs and includes a complimentary Mesoestetic skincare kit (rrp. £190) to use at home.

Profhilo is an innovative injectable treatment which delivers overall refreshment. Using hyaluronic acid injections, Profhilo nourishes dermal cells and stimulates the production of collagen within to improve skin quality and laxity whilst softening lines from within. This results in a natural, refreshed look. Often dubbed an injectable moisturiser in the press, Profhilo is also stimulates your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid which makes it perfect for taking on the harsher winter weather.

Using only gold standard product, wrinkle-relaxing injections help smooth wrinkles on the skin such as frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. As hinted in our name, at the Light Touch Clinic we like to take a ‘less is more approach’ to injectables to ensure a natural result that has friends and family commenting on how ‘well’ you look.

Mesoestetic has a fantastic portfolio of peels which use a careful balance of acids to exfoliate the skin to tackle pigmentation and acne, boost luminosity and even skin texture. Following your thorough consultation, our skilled practitioners will select a peel best suited to your skin’s needs and, of course, your goals.

When you book your Winter Refresh programme, you will also be given a Mesoestetic kit (worth £190) tailored to your skin type for you to use at home.

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