‘To avoid tech neck you need to start treating your neck with the TLC it deserves,’ says Dr Natalie


‘We spend hours on mobile devices every day but unfortunately it’s having an ageing effect on our posture and our skin.

‘Tech neck or text neck as it’s sometimes called, is used to describe pain felt in the neck, shoulders and back from hunching over mobile devices.

‘Cast your mind back to your human biology lessons. Your head weight approximately 10lbs. Every inch it hangs forward increases its weight by 100% which means intense stress on the spine, muscles, ligaments and tendons that support it.

‘In beauty terms tech neck refers to the wrinkling and jowling of the jawline and neck caused by weak muscles and poor posture.

‘According to the latest research tech neck is most common in those aged 18 to 39 who have an average of three digital devices and look at their screens up to 150 times a day.’


Take chintervention!

Try posture-correcting exercise methods

‘Pilates, Yoga, the Barre Method and Alexander Technique are exercise techniques that focus on restoring and maintaining good posture and may help improve neck and back pain.’

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Try skin-tightening treatments

‘Here at the Light Touch Clinic we offer several highly-effective non-surgical treatments that restore elasticity to the skin and promote a youthful profile.*


‘Exilis Elite (the USA’s most popular skin tightening treatment) uses a combination of radio-frequency energy and ultrasound to boost collagen production and tighten the skin. It delivers excellent results on the neck and jawline without pain or downtime for most patients*.

Exilis tech neck

Exilis Elite delivers excellent results on turkey necks and jowls. Pictures courtesy of Exilis Elite.*


‘We are delighted in introduce The Jowl Lift  (or thread lift) a ground-breaking non-invasive facelift that re-contours the jaw line and tightens loose skin on the neck and décolletage without surgery. It can also be used to lift sagging skin around the eyes and cheeks. Results can last for up to two years.*

Jow lift2

The Jowl Lift lifts and tightens the lower face with cutting-edge semi-permanent threads. This treatment was carried out by Dr Natalie Blakely of the Light Touch Clinic.*


‘Our 8 Point Facelift (or Liquid Facelift) restores volume to the mid part of the face using the dermal filler Juvaderm. As well as smoothing wrinkles and restoring a youthful profile, it has the added effect of reducing the appearance of jowls, nose-to-mouth lines and marionette lines.’

Juvaderm before and after

Pictures courtesy of Juvaderm*


Try collagen-boosting skincare

‘The skin structure of the neck is thinner than the face with less fatty tissue and collagen which is why it’s more prone to premature ageing. The good news is the same anti-ageing products you use on your face can help your neck look younger too by promoting the formation of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of firm and youthful skin.

‘Look out for skincare products containing HGFs (human growth factors), peptides, 0.05% retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E and remember to protect skin with a broad spectrum SPF30-50 sunscreen all year round.’

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