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Dr Natalie appeals on Facebook for the return of her clinic’s cosmetic machines

The Light Touch Clinic was burgled on the night of Sunday 12th April 2015.

The intruders took hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of skincare and machines including INTRAcel, Soprano, Exilis Elite and CoolSculpting.

Burglary is devastating whether it’s your home or in my case the clinic I’ve worked so hard to create, and we are all still reeling from the shock.

One of my main concerns is that my machines end up in the wrong hands. There’s a perception amongst inexperienced practitioners and the public that non-invasive cosmetic treatments, particularly laser treatments, don’t pose a health risk – they do.

In the hands of an experienced practitioner using the appropriate device set at the correct settings the side effects from these machines present a minimal risk. However if the practitioner is inexperienced and the settings are incorrect serious disfigurement can occur including burns, blistering, darkening of the skin, scarring, redness and persistent pain.

I’m also worried about the stolen skincare. As anyone who’s tried ZO and Obagi will testify, the products work miracles but they are incredibly potent which is why we stipulate they can only be purchased following a skin health consultation with myself. Again, in inexperienced hands they can cause serious skin problems that can take months or even years to rectify.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to do your homework. We all have the right to look and feel better about ourselves but in an industry which sometimes views profit over safety it’s important to do plenty of research before opting for cosmetic treatments.

5 questions to ask your practitioner

1.  What are your qualifications? Ask about their training, you don’t want to use someone who’s just done a one day  or weekend course.
2.  How often have you done this procedure? Ideally hundreds of times over several years.
3.  What are the risks and complications? Huge red flag if they say none!
4.  Are the premises CQC-registered? This means they meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
5.  Will the consulting practitioner be doing your treatment? If they say no, then who is? You must speak to whoever is carrying out your treatment and ask the same questions again.

The burglary was featured on BBC News