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Frequently Asked Questions – Intima

As you have (hopefully) seen on social media, we now offer Intima at the Light Touch Clinic. We have had quite a few common questions regarding our Intima treatment, so we thought it would be a good idea to put together a blog post which answers them. Is it invasive? Not at all. The treatment […]

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EXCELIGHT IPL For Red Veins And Rosacea

Among the numerous benefits of our brand new EXCELIGHT IPL treatment, we’re sure you’ll be glad to know that it works wonders on unsightly vascular lesions. Although harmless in most cases, skin discolouration caused by broken red veins, thread veins, port wine stains and rosacea can be rather difficult to live with due to their […]

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Skincare Resolutions

Less caffeine, more greens, use more than just the sauna at the gym… we are all pretty good at making New Year’s Resolutions but sticking to them can be rather tricky. One of the issues with New Year’s resolutions is that we try to take on too much at once and lose enthusiasm. Instead, we’re […]

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Pre-Party Skin Fixes

With plenty of festive parties ahead, we all want our skin to look on top form throughout the party season. The Light Touch Clinic team have put together their last minute skin fixes to help tackle winter skin woes. Pre-Party Pimple It can be really quite frustrating waking up to find a spot not long […]

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The Skin Health Pyramid

As seen in Dr Natalie’s Vlog on the Skin Ping last year,  youthful, healthy skin is so much more than just wrinkle-relaxing injections and filler. At the Light Touch Clinic we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to nourishing and caring for your skin. At the bottom layer of the pyramid, or the foundation, we […]

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