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Meet The Team: Dr Natalie Blakely

Dr Natalie Blakely is the medical director at the Light Touch Clinic and a cosmetic doctor specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. From sculpting the perfect pout to relaxing frown lines, Dr Natalie is renowned for her ‘light touch’ and natural results. Get to know Dr Natalie a little better in this interview blog. What do […]

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Business as usual following the burglary at the Light Touch Clinic

  Dear customers Following the burglary at the Light Touch Clinic, it’s thanks to YOUR incredible support and the support of the industry that I’m delighted to announce it’s business as usual at LTC with all our treatments including Exilis and INTRAcel running normally again! We hope to see you soon, Dr Natalie Call 01932 849 552 […]

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Dr Natalie Blakely appeals to the public to do their homework before purchasing cosmetic treatments

Please Share and RT this post. If someone avoids injury by reading it then some good will have come out of this terrible situation. The Light Touch Clinic was burgled on the night of Sunday 12th April 2015. The intruders took hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of skincare and machines including INTRAcel, Soprano, Exilis […]

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Laser hair removal for men

  It’s safe to say women go to great lengths to stay smooth and hair-free. But at a time when men everywhere are focussing more on their appearance, it appears they too are worrying about how best to get rid of their unwanted hair. Smooth skin gives us confidence, feels more comfortable, makes us look […]

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How to beat cellulite for good with tips from Dr Natalie

  1. Stick to a clean, low-fat diet Cut down on refined, processed foods that contain sugar, sweeteners, saturated fat and chemicals and build a diet around lean protein, oily fish, vegetables and low-GI fruit including berries. For tips on clean eating I recommend reading The Clean & Lean Diet by James Duigan. 2. Boost your metabolism […]

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