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Patient Survey Results 2018

A massive thank you to all of our patients that took the time to complete our Patient Survey. The results are in and we are delighted to share with you our findings. This anonymous survey was conducted by a third party and was completed by 155 patients. 97% rated their overall experience at the Light Touch […]

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Frequently Asked Questions – Intima

As you have (hopefully) seen on social media, we now offer Intima at the Light Touch Clinic. We have had quite a few common questions regarding our Intima treatment, so we thought it would be a good idea to put together a blog post which answers them. Is it invasive? Not at all. The treatment […]

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Introducing The Peach Lift

Unison has been a huge hit at the clinic, helping patients tighten loose skin and smoothing away cellulite. But did you know, we can also use Unison for a non-surgical butt lift? Unison is a very clever treatment which uses radio frequency and strong targeted pressure energy to help contour and smooth the skin on […]

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As you have hopefully seen across our website and social media, we have recently launched our new CoolSculpting Shapes campaign. Carefully developed by our CoolSculpting practitioner and CoolSculpting University graduate Melissa French, we have put together 4 CoolSculpting packages designed to smooth the 4 most common body shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass and French. Whilst we […]

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Zapping away fat with Vanquish

If you have been following my Bridal Beauty Plan blog series so far, you will have seen that whilst I have made a start on many of my skin quality treatments, I am yet to make headway on my body sculpting treatments. After my blood test at the beginning of my Bridal Beauty Plan, I […]

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