Acne and acne scarring


Say goodbye to acne, and reduce acne scarring

Acne is a common skin condition which is characterised by blemishes on the skin such as blackheads, whiteheads and pustules. These lesions are usually found on the face but can also occur on the back and chest. Moderate to severe acne can also cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pink acne marks) and indented scarring such as rolling scars and pick-axe scars.

Usually, acne affects teenagers and tends to resolve itself by the early twenties. However, some people may find that the condition persists into their 30s and 40s. In addition, some people who never had acne during adolescence may find their skin breaking out in adulthood. 

What causes acne?

There are a number of factors which can cause acne. Generally, acne is caused by the sebaceous glands producing too much oil. In addition, the dead skin cells lining the pores do not shed properly and clog up the follicles.

Acne can also be a symptom of a hormone imbalance caused by conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), stress or a poor diet.

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For the best results, we often recommend combining a course of aesthetic treatments with cosmeceutical skincare to use at home. For your bespoke acne treatment plan, book a consultation with one of our expert medical aestheticians.



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